Howabout this heat?

A Tasmanian weather observation yesterday, at the shaded and cool east end of a Huon Valley house

It nudged 40C in southern Tasmania yesterday. The thermometer pictured is in the shade at the cool east end of a Huon Valley house.

It was also blowing a gale too, but thankfully a northerly, which blew the existing smouldering bushfire back on where it came from.

Today the smoke is thickening again. There is a chance of rain. It tried to rain last night, big heavy drops fell three times, but it stopped as soon as it started, as is so often the case these days.

A few observations from this summmer …

*The wallabies are eating things they have never eaten before in our eight years here
*The lawn is a dust bowl, mostly just exposed dry soil
*Some trees in our yard have died from the dryness
*The dam is the lowest I’ve seen

Our own house is “nude” as we cut attractive shrubs that were growing against the house lest they burn from ember attack.

Dunno what this year’s weather means locally, but January was Australia’s hottest recorded month.

Given observations the world over, with records falling, we suspect it is part of a drying trend that long-time locals have noted anecdotally.

Meanwhile, we look forward to winter.

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