Adelaide weather station records 47.7C

Is Adelaide's heat record 47.7C?

The Bureau of Meteorology’s maximum temperature record for Adelaide’s Kent Town … is Adelaide’s heat record 47.7C?

The Bureau of Meterology said Adelaide cracked a heat record of just over 46C this year. January 2019 was Australia’s hottest recorded month.

We found an interesting figure on one of Adelaide’s suburban weather stations, a high of 47.7C in Kent Town on January 24. This was around the same time that Adelaide’s “official” 46C heat record fell, but the 47.7C record was not mentioned by the bureau.

Given that fires in Tasmania were raging at the same time as this heat wave, it is interesting.

Thankfully, it is almost always cool in Tasmania. Only for two months a year does it get truly hot.

The Kent Town weather station record for January 2019 is shown above.

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