Hobart fish prices Pt 2

Some online fish 'bargains'

Some online fish prices … these are not Tasmanian fish

ET posted about Hobart fish prices a while back, see it here.

Having recently returned from a trip to Brisbane, we can say Hobart fish is cheap by comparison.

At the Gold Coast, coral trout was selling for $60+ a kilo and red emperor for $70+ at one outlet. Is that $1 a bite?

Even cobia and goldspot cod was top-dollar fish.

Don’t despair however, the image above shows online bargains from this website.

Interestingly, the coral trout listed online is much cheaper than what we saw in the Gold Coast shop. Maybe it is imported, like the basa that is also listed.

As far as taste goes, Tasmanian fish such as blue-eye trevalla is every bit as good as the best tropical stuff. And cheaper. Keep an eye on this page for local bargains.

Hoki (blue grenadier) and ling are caught off Tasmania and often sell cheaply, and are good on the table.

There are plenty of accessible table fish off Tassie for those who want to catch their own. In recent times yellowtail kingfish and pink snapper have become more common, presumably from warming waters.

Squid are abundant around Tasmania, as are black bream, yelloweye mullet and “snotties”. Salmon trout and wrasse are not highly regarded by some as a fillet fish, but they do make good fish cakes.

In Tassie you can even pot your own crayfish if you get an amateur licence.

Try to catch your own fish. You’ll know it’s fresh, you’ll know exactly what you are getting, and you’ll also get some fresh air.

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