Melting roads

Bushfire smoke on the Sydney rain radar

The image above is bushfire smoke, presumably mixed with rain, on BOM’s Sydney rain radar today.

Meanwhile, South Australia went from almost no fires on Thursday to more than 40,000 hectares burned in the space of a day, much of it being fast-moving grass fire.

The fire came as 40C+ temperatures spread across the state for consecutive days, reaching almost 50C at the Nullabor. Some SA roads melted in the heat.

Melting road happened in southern Tasmania in 2017 … see the details here.

Fortunately, 40C+ is rare in Tasmania. The record high temperature was 42.2C at Scamander on the East Coast on January 30, 2009.

Nor does Tasmania get many cold extremes in the lowlands, as the island has a sea-moderated climate.

What Tasmania has been lately is windy. Unfortunately, wind anomalies are hard to determine as the data is not readily available.

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