You don’t need MONA

Confronting art is all around

It's not a MONA exhibit but like all great art it does provoke a reaction

It’s not MONA, but like all great art it does provoke a reaction. And concrete is such an enduring medium …

Don’t get us wrong, we think MONA is great.

But if you don’t make it there, don’t despair, there’s confronting art to be seen outside the gallery walls.

This piece is at Ranelagh, just around from the awesome Summer Kitchen bakery and cafe.

Even if you don’t like the pavement artist’s handiwork, you’ll love the pastries from the cafe.

So go and have a gander and a bite.

You never know, the Ranelagh street artist might one day exhibit at MONA. You can say you saw his/her work back when it was raw.

Fart art. Is it a thing? Anything is possible in Tassie.

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