There’s been a lot of fluff about Hobart’s booming real estate. Residential real estate might be hot, but clearly, not everything is booming. I took a drive through Hobart last week and was surprised by how many “For Lease” signs adorned empty commercial premises and shops. These began just two […]

23/7/2018 – Tasmania, For Lease

A past exhibit at Hobart's hugely popular MONA
Hobart Lord Mayor Ron Christie says Tasmania is going silly, with too many people visiting and moving in, thanks mainly to MONA (art gallery) and the visit of Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping. Mr Christie told News Ltd “tourism will kill our city” and that Dark Mofo, a wildly successful […]

28/6/2018 – Bring back Slowbart, says Hobart Mayor

Some hi-tech companies are calling Tassie home … https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/features/v3/bar-535/tasmanias-high-tech-start-up-stories/ This is a trend that could bring true wealth to Tasmania. Cutting down trees is a fine occupation but generally doesn’t pay well. Please follow and like us:

25/6/2018 – It’s not all sheep and apples

North Hobart ... property prices have risen over the past year
Tasmanian real estate performed well over the past year … https://finance.nine.com.au/2018/04/17/16/03/why-tasmanias-capital-is-the-countrys-fastest-growing-property-market North Hobart was particularly strong … https://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/from-austins-ferry-to-west-moonah-hobarts-northern-suburbs-are-flying/news-story/d5228bee2b8f6cfadbf8b61888940082 But with other Australian states now experiencing falling real estate prices, and with commentators saying this is just the beginning of a national decline, will Hobart and Tasmanian prices be dragged down […]

24/6/2018 – What goes up must come down

Hobart going up while others fall, crazy stuff … https://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/hobart-barely-retains-cheapest-city-crown-as-home-value-growth-continues-to-climb/news-story/1f1d92b9cfde90e2b6a4f95bf141db5f But it was always on the cards, with Melbourne and Sydney prices hitting silly levels. Add a bit of global warming … Please follow and like us:

2/6/18 – Hobart real estate prices continue rise

Hobart's Elizabeth St around 1910 ... real estate prices have come a long way
Yep, Hobart beat Sydney from 2002 to 2017 … see here. Hard to believe but the story says so. Hobart started from a smaller base, but Sydney is well down the list despite its spectacular prices. Hobart has of course registered strong price increases over the past year, and its […]

4/3/18 – Which city’s real estate increased most from 2002 ...

It's nuts ... a thief strikes in Tasmania's rural area
Tasmania has a terrible crime problem in the rural area. Some of the criminals are lone operators, and some travel in gangs. They know what they want. Whole fruit trees are stripped just as the peaches, plums or apples ripen. The thieves often strike the night before fruit is due […]

12/2/18 – Tasmania’s crime problem

Heat wave in the Huon Valley
Howabout this heat? The picture is our friend’s thermometer today, located in the shaded cool end of their verandah in the supposedly cold and damp Huon Valley. Hot it may be, but the nearish Grove and New Norfolk BOM weather stations clocked records of 40C+ back in 2013, so it’s […]

28/1/18 – Heat wave for Hobart, and a new record

Rental demand tops nation in Hobart’s cheaper suburbs … http://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/new-data-spotlights-huge-demand-for-hobart-rental-properties/news-story/8f782fad547e25059388187393274169 Some of those old fixer-upperers might be worth a look … Please follow and like us:

21/1/18 – Hobart rental demand ‘tops nation’

Hobart has come a long way since 1837. Real estate is once again on the up. Picture: Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office: W.L Crowther Library
Details here. Hobart prices are rising while other Aussie cities fall. Perhaps this is because Hobart is cheap. Or are there other factors at play? The rental market is strong, and it’s a great place to live, getting warmer every day … Please follow and like us:

19/1/18 – Hobart prices rise while others fall