At 20c a bar you can beat the apocalypse

Every good prepper has nuts in his bunker

Every good prepper has nuts in his bunker

People are moving to Tasmania and New Zealand to beat the climate apocalypse.

Huonville’s Shiploads, in Tasmania’s south, appears to be on the bandwagon, selling cartons of 48 Snickers for just $10. That’s about 20C a bar.

No need to stock the prepper bunker with boring bags of rice when bulk cartons of Snickers are cheaper and more fun.

Meanwhile, Woolies next door was selling Snickers for $2 each last time we looked. WTF!

If the Huonville shopping centre landlord knocks out a wall and rents the public lav space for a Shiploads grocery section, we’ll shop there.

*This page has no financial interest in Snickers or Shiploads, unless our ads happen to display Snickers or Shiploads.

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