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Beware the Huonville mob
Ahhh, fish and chips, always enjoyable on a brisk winter’s day, even if you must share with thieves. For F&C in the Huon, we like Bugsy’s at Margate. We order the blue grenadier, a fish usually sourced from the deep clean oceans off Tasmania and New Zealand. Blue grenadier (often […]

Feasting with thieves

This list of major events for the coming year will help you plan your holiday. Event Location Date Festival of Voices Hobart 28 Jun – 14 Jul 2019 Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival Rannelagh 12 – 14 Jul 2019 Devonport Jazz Festival Devonport 25 – 28 Jul 2019 Chocolate Winterfest Latrobe […]

Tasmanian Events Calendar 2019-20

It's pretty, but don't get run over while you are gawking
Queensland has the Big Pineapple, pa! Tasmania’s Huonville has the Big Rainbow. And it can be seen best from the Woolies carpark. If the pic looks a bit wonky it is because we had to join three images together to get it all in. You’re welcome. Meanwhile, here is some […]

Huonville’s pots of gold

We know what you are thinking. Shame on you. Lamb season has begun across Tasmania, and will continue into spring. Every year there are orphan lambs that are, for whatever reason, rejected by their mums. Many country kids raise the orphans by hand, and geez the lambs get spoiled. As […]

Wool for warmth

Early morning colours in Judbury
Tasmania’s Snowy Range is pictured above in one of its more colourful moods, the montage of joined photos taken looking west from Judbury on the morning of this post. There has been a lot of yellow and magenta colour in the sky at dawn and dusk. The two yellow pictures […]

The colours of Judbury

Storm the woodchips! Tassie’s finest are not amused … If you didn’t already know, flash events are now a thing, with an online announcement all that is needed to trigger a stampede.

Pulp friction

Shame on you Tasmania, for not thinking up this song first …

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We love Nutella but didn't eat this batch, although the kids were steal keen
The lady of the house brought home a large jar of Nutella last night, something of a treat. Expectations were high as we popped the lid, and the gold foil seal. Then this! It is throughout the jar. A finer food pox we have not seen. The jar was bought […]

Nutella with extras