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We love Nutella but didn't eat this batch, although the kids were steal keen
The lady of the house brought home a large jar of Nutella last night, something of a treat. Expectations were high as we popped the lid, and the gold foil seal. Then this! It is throughout the jar. A finer food pox we have not seen. The jar was bought […]

12/7/2019 – Nutella with extras

Tasmania is famous for its forests. It is a very special experience to walk into Tasmanian wilderness areas and experience these forests from within. Forests worldwide are under threat from climate change. Trees are dying in many areas. Are Tasmanian forests under threat? Or are the dead trees we see […]

12/7/2019 – Dead trees in the Huon

The grey goshawk is a white bird in Tasmania. Picture: Francesco Veronesi
It’s proper name is the grey goshawk, but the Tasmanian version is pure white. This striking bird is rarely seen, but its unusual appearance means it is rarely missed. Despite the presence of nearby sulfur-crested cockatoos, one of these birds was immediately identified as “a white eagle” by our children […]

8/7/2019 – The Tasmanian white hawk

Every good prepper should have nuts in his pantry
People are moving to Tasmania and New Zealand to beat the climate apocalypse. Huonville’s Shiploads, in Tasmania’s south, appears to be on the bandwagon, selling cartons of 48 Snickers for just $10. That’s about 20C a bar. No need to stock the prepper bunker with boring bags of rice when […]

5/7/2019 – At 20c a bar you can beat the ...

Thylacines (Tasmanian tigers) were officially extinct in the 1930s, but sightings continued into the 1950s. In more recent times, two cases stand out. Both were reported by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Officers. In 1982 Parks biologist Hans Naarding was camping at a remote spot near Togari, east of Marrawah, in […]

17/6/2019 – The most recent thylacine reports

A pair of thylacines, male and female, in an American zoo, 1902
This writer recently answered a post on Quora about the supposedly extinct thylacine (Tasmania tiger), and it got my wife and I thinking again about an event that happened at our farm. I live in the upper Huon Valley with my family. We moved to the farm about eight years […]

17/6/2019 – The thylacine’s ‘yip yip’