Mr Tasmania

What happens when a devil stumbles upon a thylacine, the video is here …

Devil meets thylacine

Those who have had thylacines cross their path often get all silly about it, with the obsessive pursuit of evidence becoming their new life quest. So far, despite the wonders of affordable no-glow trailcams, camera drones and what-not, Tasmania’s surviving thylacines have remained elusive, leaving witnesses gibbering to anyone who’ll […]

Paddock Life

A fascinating non-fiction account of two thylacines raiding a farm in Tasmania’s south-west … details here.

The thylacine lives

Seen somewhere in the Huon, grillers in the mist …

Dad jokes

Some comment … Tasmania’s health system has copped plenty of flak for its long waiting periods, including ambulance ramping, presumably because inadequate resources are available. Praise is due. Getting the state to zero COVID19 cases required hard work – testing, contract tracing, quarantine checking and the like. An outbreak in […]

Kudos to Tas Health staff

A story about Tasmania’s lost forests of the sea …

Decline of Tasmanian kelp

Tasmania has some beautiful white beaches, and it looks like this Monday will be a great day to enjoy them. A 38C forecast for Hobart (EDIT: Now 40C) may bring even higher temperatures to other parts of Tasmania. Note how the south and east of Tasmania have the higher fire […]

Beach Day