Whoaa! Geeveston Car Show

Old mate had trouble staying in his lane

Old mate had trouble staying in his lane

The Geeveston Wheels in the Park car show is well worth a visit each Jan/Feb.

We didn’t make it this year, as we decided to go camping. We also missed the big rowing regatta at Franklin.

We did however get a car show of our own the day before the Geeveston event, following old mate in his red sports car as we drove to Southport.

Dunno what his problem was but he spent a lot of time straddling the white lines, and wandering into the right lane.

Someone bravely tried to overtake him and had to take evasive action.

Dunno if he was attending the car show the next day. We hope he sorts out his steering.

Meanwhile, here’s the Wheels in the Park FB page … https://www.facebook.com/GeevestonWheels

And from the 2015 car show (yes, years ago), Tanya Challice’s excellent photos are worth a look here.

If you have a link to pix from this year’s car show, post it up in comments.

Tassie has some very keen auto enthusiasts, and they tend to like old Australian cars. There is also strong interest in vintage stand-alone motors, and old outboards, which are sometimes displayed at country fairs.

We like it!

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