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Spot the chocolate bargains ...

Spot the chocolate bargains …

Let’s be clear, we don’t have shares in Shiploads and we aren’t chocaholics.

Some things just have to be reported.

Shiploads Huonville is flogging Cadbury Favourites 540g packs for $8, while next door Woolworths is selling the almost-the-same-size 570g packs for $20.

Meanwhile, the $10 deal for 48 x Snickers bars continues at Shiploads, while Woolies next door sells single Snickers bars for $2.

Big W thinks it is doing its customers a favour, flogging Snickers online for $2 (screenshot below).

We assume Shiploads makes a profit on its bargain chocolate, which begs the question, what markup are we paying Woolworths and Big W? ALDI where are you!

Meanwhile, check out this weird Nutella.

Thanks for nothing Big W

Thanks for nothing Big W

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