Monthly archives: October 2019

What does the fox say?
The call of a Tasmanian tiger, or a fox chirp? This website claims to have a thylacine recording … check out the sound here. Listen to a fox chirp recording here. The same? Regardless, neither animal exists in Tasmania. ET’s staff writer heard two yip-yips in southern Tasmania in 2011, […]

Foxes and thylacines

Choc warfare
The vicious chocolate war between Shiploads and Woolworths continues. ET first published about it here when Snickers bars hit an astounding 20c each. In the Huonville store we see that Shiploads has slashed 540g boxes of Favourites down to $6, from the already discounted price of $8. The almost-the-same-size boxes […]

Chocolate wars

Out through the in hole
Photoshop is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the wrong person. Looking at online pump prices, we found this picture of a pump that is blowing out through the in hole. Well, we thought it was funny. Maybe these impeller pumps can work like that? Either way, let this […]

Pump it!

ET posted about Hobart fish prices a while back, see it here. Having recently returned from a trip to Brisbane, we can say Hobart fish is cheap by comparison. At the Gold Coast, coral trout was selling for $60+ a kilo and red emperor for $70+ at one outlet. Is […]

Hobart fish prices Pt 2