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One of the delights of rural Tasmania in spring is the new life all around. Trees, shrubs and plants are in bloom, paddocks are bright green, and baby animals play. We had early lambs this year and thought the ewes were done. Not so, as the pix show. Such feeble, […]

Congrats in order, it’s twins!

Kiss this
An impressive 10 per cent of salmonella patients surveyed kept chickens in their bedroom, says the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Though their survey was not done in Tasmania, local scuttlebutt suggests chickens might be scratching around in some Apple Isle homes. Anyone who has experienced the eye-stinging fragrance of […]

Evict the bedroom chickens

A beautiful firetail finch
This native beautiful firetail finch (Stagonopleura bellum) was browsing a Huon Valley (Tasmania) front lawn yesterday. They get around in ones or twos, and don’t seem to be particularly rare. They are different from the painted firetail (Emblema pictum) of the Australian mainland. Much more common in the Huon now […]

Stunner on the front lawn

A September 2002 stratospheric warming event is shown compared compared to the 2019 forecast for this September. The forecast was created by the Weather Bureau on August 30, 2019
An unusual severe stratospheric warming event over the South Pole could have big implications for Australian weather, making it windier, drier and warmer in SEQ/NSW, an area which is already suffering drought and early bushfires. Tassie can expect cold, wet weather, a relief after last year’s fire season. This story […]

Rare weather event may hit Tasmania and SEQ/NSW

A thylacine. Flickr: Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office
Some people are still looking for the thylacine … story here. And maybe there is good reason … our story.

The thylacine hunt continues