Monthly archives: August 2019

Thanks for nothing Big W
Let’s be clear, we don’t have shares in Shiploads and we aren’t chocaholics. Some things just have to be reported. Shiploads Huonville is flogging Cadbury Favourites 540g packs for $8, while next door Woolworths is selling the almost-the-same-size 570g packs for $20. Meanwhile, the $10 deal for 48 x Snickers […]

Fill your prepper bunker

Spring has sprung, at least on this Huon Valley almond tree. The official start date is September 1. Spring is also the time when Tasmanian gales get serious. Looks like they already have started getting serious in Melbourne, with a jetty snapping off and floating away … story here. With […]

Spring blossom and gales

The black ram strikes again
These were born this morning, our paddock check found the young ones covered in “egg”, as my kids call it. No orphans yet, but one was stillborn. The crows are ever-present at this time, waiting for a sickly or abandoned lamb to fall. Meanwhile the older lambs play like puppies, […]

First signs of spring