12/7/2019 – Nutella with extras

We love Nutella but didn't eat this batch, although the kids were still keen

We love Nutella but didn’t eat this batch, although the kids were still keen

The lady of the house brought home a large jar of Nutella last night, something of a treat.

Expectations were high as we popped the lid, and the gold foil seal.

Then this!

It is throughout the jar. A finer food pox we have not seen.

The jar was bought at Woolworths, Huonville, in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley.

The jar was within use-by date, check out the video … https://youtu.be/re6fMl_nspw

We have told Ferrero.

EDIT: Ferrero got back to us promptly and said this problem is caused by changing temperatures. They said the product is safe to eat, but might not taste the best, and they would exchange it.

Which is good, because it would be hard to eat something that looks like that.

Meanwhile, here’s another tale of Huon Valley chocolate.

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