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Thylacines (Tasmanian tigers) were officially extinct in the 1930s, but sightings continued into the 1950s. In more recent times, two cases stand out. Both were reported by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Officers. In 1982 Parks biologist Hans Naarding was camping at a remote spot near Togari, east of Marrawah, in […]

The most recent thylacine reports

A pair of thylacines, male and female, in an American zoo, 1902
This writer recently answered a post on Quora about the supposedly extinct thylacine (Tasmania tiger), and it got my wife and I thinking again about an event that happened at our farm. I live in the upper Huon Valley with my family. We moved to the farm after 20+ years […]

The thylacine’s ‘yip yip’

And why we all love iodised table salt … story here. BTW, the woman pictured in the external story may not be from Tasmania. This suggests she is Norwegian. In fact, the whole story is a bit dodgy. I was in two minds about posting it here.

Origin of ‘the two-headed Tasmanian’