Monthly archives: June 2018

A past exhibit at Hobart's hugely popular MONA
Hobart Lord Mayor Ron Christie says Tasmania is going silly, with too many people visiting and moving in, thanks mainly to MONA (art gallery) and the visit of Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping. Mr Christie told News Ltd “tourism will kill our city” and that Dark Mofo, a wildly successful […]

Bring back Slowbart, says Hobart Mayor

Some hi-tech companies are calling Tassie home … This is a trend that could bring true wealth to Tasmania. Cutting down trees is a fine occupation but generally doesn’t pay well.

It’s not all sheep and apples

North Hobart ... property prices have risen over the past year
Tasmanian real estate performed well over the past year … North Hobart was particularly strong … But with other Australian states now experiencing falling real estate prices, and with commentators saying this is just the beginning of a national decline, will Hobart and Tasmanian prices be dragged down […]

What goes up must come down

Hobart going up while others fall, crazy stuff … But it was always on the cards, with Melbourne and Sydney prices hitting silly levels. Add a bit of global warming …

Hobart real estate prices continue rise