Daily archives: January 14, 2018

Waldheim was built by hand by Gustav Weindorfer near Cradle Mountain in 1912, long before there was a road in to the area
The history of tourism in the Cradle Mountain valley is a happy-sad story. Gustav Weindorfer was an Austrian immigrant who married Kate Cowle, a Tasmanian woman 10 years his senior. Gustav and Kate built a timber chalet called Waldheim (meaning “forest home”) in 1912, hoping to open the stunning Cradle […]

Cause of deaths of Gustav and Kate Weindorfer (nee Cowle)

What do the brackets signify? Insignificance?
Having just done a weekend road trip from the south to the north, and back, we had a chance to relive some Tasmanian roadside quirks. We like the weird use of brackets around some place names on some road signs. What do the brackets signify? Insignificance? Yes, we could ask […]

Brackets on Tasmanian road signs