8/1/18 – Tasmanian advice for mainlanders

The Huon River and Huon Valley

The Huon River and Huon Valley

Mainlanders who are buying real estate on the Apple Isle tend to be hard up for local advice, other than what they can glean from Facebook experts and commissioned sales people.

That’s because they can’t fly down to inspect every property that comes up for sale. And buying sight unseen is a scary business.

And if a buyer does fly down for an inspection they might not pick up things a local person might notice. Or know.

Independent, unbiased advice is valuable.

Huon Valley bloke Matthew Flynn is offering a service where he acts as a proxy to inspect or tag along during inspections of Huon Valley properties, and to advise about living in the valley.

“I recall when I was buying I would have paid handsomely for useful inside information, or just to have someone trustworthy on the ground – not that sales agents aren’t trustworthy, but they are motivated to sell,” Flynn said.

“I moved to Tassie from Darwin six years ago so I know what challenges outsiders face, not just in buying real estate, but in living here.

“I don’t get any commmissions, I am not in league with any agents, I just charge a small fee for advice and time. My background was in newspaper journalism so I have excellent general knowledge, plus local knowledge.

“Some good advice could save a mainland buyer money and heartache.”

Visit Flynn’s website here.

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