15/12/17 – The Tasmanian Albinos

A rare albino echidna on Bruny Island. Picture: Honorata and Seb Pasek

An albino Bruny Island echidna. Picture: Honorata and Seb Pasek

There’s a lot of them around

An albino echidna is the latest white wonder spotted strolling the Apple Isle.

There’s also been a wallaby, cockroach, magpie and peacock.

Please don’t joke about Tasmanian inbreeding, it’s not nice, although a tiny gene pool did possibly contribute to the Tazzie Devil facial tumour disease.

Most Tasmanians don’t have facial tumours thankfully, despite the ozone hole.

Albinism is a natural event.

Here’s the echidna story … http://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/polish-couple-honorata-and-seb-paszek-spot-rare-albino-echidna-on-bruny-island/news-story/78479e3173f9a7dae270fe378cbc0c2c

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