Daily archives: December 11, 2017

Tasmania is accessible by the Spirit of Tasmania vehicular ferry
And not a moment too soon. Tasmania is accessible only by air and sea. The vehicular ferry Spirit of Tasmania is the vital link, running between Melbourne and Devonport. Anyone who has endured the frustration of being unable to obtain a timely vehicle booking, especially when coming home to the […]

Bigger, better Tasmanian ferries in 2021

Hobart real estate is on the up. Photo: aussiejeff/flickr
Hobart real estate prices are going up while Sydney and Darwin go down. Is this part of an overall rise in Tasmanian real estate values? It had to be expected, given that Sydney people can sell up and retire in Tassie and put cash in the bank. We’ll look at […]

Hobart real estate prices rise 3.3%

This road in the Huon Valley, near Judbury, melted in late November 2017
Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t get warm in the Huon Valley. In late November part of the Glen Huon road melted, about 1km from the Judbury bridge. The bitumen became shiny and drivers could hear the tar sticking to their tyres. The road was only resurfaced about two […]

Road melts in the Huon